The 4th ICIES 2024 Discuss About Navigating Global Economic Challenges

The 4th ICIES 2024 Discuss About Navigating Global Economic Challenges

We are pleased to host The 4th International Conference on Islamic Economics Studies | ICIES 2024. This conference is a unique platform for researchers, practitioners, and students to present their research work and exchange ideas on the latest innovations, trends, and challenges in Islamic economics and business. What makes it even more unique is the organization of community service activities based on the culture of Surakarta.

🗓 Mark Your Calendars:

  • Conference Date: July 16-18, 2024
  • Location: FEBI UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta
    Theme: Innovations in Islamic Economics: Navigating Global Economic Challenges

🔍 Call for Papers! We invite submissions on various topics, including but not limited to:

  1. – Resilience in Times of Crisis: Exploring how Islamic economic prinsiples foster resilience and fortitude amidst global economic crisis.
  2. Islamic Finance and Sustainable Development: Investigating the contribution of Islamic finance to sustainable development, emphasizing socially and environmentally responsible investment practices.
  3. Digital Economy and Islamic Ethics: Examining the alignment of digital technology and Islamic ethical principles in business and financial practices within the digital economy.
  4. Inclusive Growth and Poverty Alleviation: Discussing strategies within Islamic economics to promote inclusive growth and alleviate poverty, prioritizing social justice and equitable distribution.
  5. Trade and Commerce in Islamic Economics: Analyzing the principles of trade and commerce in Islamic economics and advocating for international cooperation to promote fair and just trade practices.
  6. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Highlighting the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in fostering economic development within the Islamic framework, including support mechanisms for Muslim entrepreneurs across various economic sectors.
  7. Islamic Economic Governance and Regulation: Exploring effective systems of governance and regulation within Islamic economics to ensure transparency, accountability, and adherence to Shariah principles.
  8. Global Collaboration and Partnerships: Encouraging international collaboration for the advancement of Islamic economics and the establishment of strong partnerships between Islamic and conventional financial institutions worldwide.

Even though we are interested in abstracts on the conference theme, we welcome submissions on topics within the broader economics research.

📅 Important Dates to Remember for Paper Submission:

  • June 1: Submissions Open
  • June 30: Submissions Close
  • July 1: Acceptance Notifications
  • July 16: Conference Kick-off!
    💸 Conference Fees:
  • Domestic Regular: IDR 500,000
  • International Participants: USD 50
  • Co-host conference is also available
    📚 Publication Opportunity: Selected papers will be considered for publication in top journals indexed in SINTA, GS, DOAJ, and more.

🌐 For More Information & Submissions: Please visit

If you need further information and opportunity for collaboration on hosting this event, please kindly reach us to:
📞 Email Contact:
[email protected]
📞 Event representative:

  • Asep Maulana Rohimat (08574-3234-165)
  • Moh. Irsyad (0896-7870-7285)

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